Zenj and You

This is an approach you would wish to apply if your interests are in this region. At ZENJ MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, we package for you a region where the events that do not seem to have any implications in your everyday challenges acquire a significance that makes an impact.

The animate and inanimate objects that populate this region will roll, fly, sing, speak and stand out as they should in your message to the people of the “Land of the Zenj”.

To a person wanting to communicate a message in a fluctuating world to a regional populace, the presence of mind of his audience can be as difficult to grasp as their past is in dictating their preferences.

Reward comes to those whose message communicates the feelings, intentions and combined impression that invoke the knowledge and understanding of their spoken language, postures mannerisms, gestures and their whole spectrum of human emotions melted into one; to create an AFFECT; a response to the Land of the Zenj.

ZENJ MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS will apply for you these principles in:-

Feature Films
Documentary Production
Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
Promos and Product Launches
Audiovisual Training
Radio Programs
Music Production
Still Photography
Slide Presentations
Audio Presentations
Web Video and Audio.

We offer our unique and expert services in this regard in the following areas:-

1. All forms of Audio/Visual Production.
2. Production Consultancy (Agency).
3. Scripting/Script Breakdown.
4. Budgeting and Scheduling.
5. Audio/Visual Research.
6. Sound Production/Research.
7. Editing:-
– Edit Style Consultancy;
– Edit Guides;
– Continuity;
– Dialogue/Commentaries.
8. Talent Consultancy:-
– Audio Dubbing, Subtitling;
– Previewing.
9. Location Scouting
– Casting;
– Costume;
– Make-up;

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